Identity Issues
Peer Pressure
Gun Violence
Struggling With School

Muslim youth that grow up in the United States face many challenges. Adolescence is a transitional period often consumed by change, confusion, a search for self, and the desire to belong. The challenges Muslim youth face can look different depending on the person’s cultural background, socioeconomic status, family upbringing, extent of religious practice and family and community support.

Some youth may struggle navigating the school system, they may encounter bullying or discrimination from their peers or school staff. Others may face peer pressure and struggle to maintain their religious identity. The difficulties youth encounter also include mental health struggles, loss of a loved one, parent’s divorce, gun violence, or substance abuse. Many times youth may feel unsupported and misunderstood by their parents, schools, mosques and the greater Muslim community. Often youth are left alone to navigate life experiences and uphold their family’s expectations. Ultimately, for youth, these challenges may feel very isolating due to the lack of support they may receive.