Does it cost money to call Minnesota Muslim Helpline?

No, the helpline is 100% free if you live in the United States. However, if you call from a landline data rates may apply, check with your provider.

Can I call if I don’t live in Minnesota?

Yes you can. Most cellphone plans have free nationwide calling but please be aware some landlines have charges associated with out-of-state calls.

What training do advocates receive?

Advocates go through an extensive advocacy training where they learn about crisis intervention strategies, de-escalation techniques, and are given in-depth working knowledge of a variety of topics (ie. mental health, substance abuse, gender-based violence, challenges facing youth etc.).

Why should I call Minnesota Muslim Helpline (MMH) instead of another helpline?

MMH differs from other service providers because the advocates are reflective of the diverse Muslim community. Advocates are also culturally and religiously sensitive and are familiar with and have a basic understanding of Islam and the unique struggles Muslim youth and adults face.

Will an advocate that I speak on the phone with share information about our conversation with anyone?

Minnesota Muslim Helpline advocates are 100% confidential and do not disclose anything you discuss with them to anyone. They maintain your privacy at all costs. In emergency cases an advocate may break confidentiality if they believe a caller is in harms way.

What can an advocate help me with if I call the helpline?

Oftentimes many of us just need someone to talk to who will listen to us without judgement. That is the role of an advocate. Advocates listen, offer support, help provide options, empower callers to make their own decisions and connect callers with referrals if need be.

Do Minnesota Muslim Helpline advocates give religious advice?

No, advocates do not provide religious advice or tell you what is right or wrong (halal/haram). Advocates are not religious scholars. For callers who would like religious advice they will be referred to imams or scholars.

Is there a limit to how many times I can call?

No, you can call and speak to an advocate as often as you’d like. The helpline is open every Tuesday and Friday from 6pm-9pm Central Time.